Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knitting fever

Had a bit of a knitting time lately.
Here are my finished projects- haven't yet perfected the art of taking photos of myself so excuse the poor photography.
Scroll lace scarf- details here

denim pinafore details here
I need to wash this so it can be used 60 degrees...washing in hot water is not something I do.  Have to bite the bullet- hope it doesn't shrink too much!

a quick knit for a friend ...she did give me the mohair to knit up a while glad it's finally been tackled!

detail of the mohair pattern

Now I'd better to get sewing.  Bit behind in the Beehive.


  1. Prolific output! What's the go with the dress? Does it turn to felt ? How do you judge the timing ? Scary. Too cute.

  2. It's cotton- so it's supposed to shrink like denim jeans. Felting..after that much that would be scary!!

  3. I am in love with that top scarf!!!!!!!!

  4. That scarf is lovely, I think I need to knit again and stop always sewing!

  5. hi belinda, hows it going. Love your knitting goodies, your quite the pro. stunning stuff!! I,ve got 4 weeks to go before baby is due. I tell ya being pregnant with no 4 is no easy stuff.

  6. That dress is to die for- is it child or adult, I would definitely wear it!