Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sew it Together

There are lots of interesting nametags popping up for Sew it Together .  I managed to get mine done sort of on deadline. 

One of the reasons it was sort of on deadline was the first one turned out too big (bit of random planning here!) so my swaperee will get a bonus personalised coaster too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Shopping because of an Easter Bun

Well I was picking up bread at my local favourite haunt.  Yes they know me by name.  Anyway whilst waiting for the delivery of hot cross buns (very good) the 3 yo was getting itchy feet, babycino finished & handbag patchwork completed,  I remembered the tip from a friend that another local favourite was moving and everything was half price.  Now I really do not need more fabric but can't resist a bargain & did think there was probably something there that would be useful. 
Yes lots of Fqs for 2.50 & a bit of vlisofix etc.
Just Remnants Marrickville is moving next to the Fabric Remnant Warehouse at Alexandria.  Its worth a look if you are in the area before April 7th.