Friday, July 23, 2010

Optimism & the (un)finished project

I am one of those people who likes to have about 100 projects in progress at the same time.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming & I feel like nothing ever gets finished!!  Other times especially in the school holidays I optimistically think of all that can be achieved....
Case in point:
On our recent short holiday I took perhaps 4 projects plus a couple of books (for inspiration for new projects..) with the optimistic view that they would get completed or at least partially completed.  And all that was done (because really holidays are pretty busy with 3 kids and things to do!) was one quilt block.   Oh well...we did have a good holiday.

Once back home I did finally finish something that has been languishing at the end of the bed.
although the button does need to be sewn on.

And just to keep the holidays real I did start a new project which will hopefully be donated for the school fundraiser, a Scroll Lace scarf from Ysolda Teague made of some Debbie Bliss alpaca silk which has also been languishing at the end of the bed.

I'm now stuck at a point of 28 lace repeats because am not sure which is the right or wrong side.  But I hope to work it out because I see a finished project in my sights.

And also must start that ice cream dress!


  1. I made a bag too! Great minds... We're off to brisbane for the weekend. See you 'round.

  2. Such a pretty bag! Happy sewing ...