Friday, November 19, 2010

Winner's are Grinners!!!

Truly lovely to win a blog giveaway just around my birthday recently.  Gave my partner another reason to avoid buying a present (kind of joking!).
Yay for amitie girl !!!

Actually I have scored a present this year from my better half.  Front row seats to see Neil Finn this week.  That's exciting.
edit:  It was amazing - he is an incredibly talented musician- & from Split Enz to Crowded House to the Finn Brothers his music takes me through my life. 

I think that after all this winning that there should be a giveaway on this blog soon.  Hint: it may well involve fabric.  Stay tuned....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lucky last in the Beehive!

Well it was not me...still working on handquilting the Rockets.

Karlyn has been very patient & waited a whole year for her turn in the Beehive quilt block swap.
Here is my contribution to the future quilt she is making for her daughter...

She sent so many fantastic scraps I thought I should make 2.  The first one was more successful.  The second one is a bit strange but makes up for it coz it has lots of flea market fancy & heather ross!!!
See more of Karlyn's blocks here.

I really cannot wait to see this quilt made up.