Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beehive Update

...having dragged the chain on Andi's July blocks,  I did double duty today & made Andi's and Sheridan's!

First up Andi's
She has decided to use her plentiful & beautiful scraps to made a string quilt.  It will be stunning!  Used this tutorial by Film in the Fridge.  I found the most difficult part was to make the green strips sit exactly in the middle of the square- I suspect they don't.

Sheridan's quilt blocks were somewhat more straightforward to sew.  Still a pleasure to sew these beautiful fabrics- looking forward to see all 64 blocks in the king size quilt.

So up to date now!!
I can go back to knitting with a clear conscience....

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  1. Love your string blocks. They are addictive, but oh such fun in a good way! Happy Quilting