Friday, June 18, 2010

Catching up..

In May Julie sent out beautiful Kaffe shot cottons and prints for log cabin/ squares blocks with interesting details in the Beehive block swap.  I loved the colour mix I received - different greens and a touch of orange.

She wanted lots of white space too.   I hope these fit the bill.

Speaking of the Beehive, Isak's quilt is progressing.  Here tis quilt top completed.

And this is the boy..mad about planes!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair

Friday fabric shopping SIT, originally uploaded by beeware70.
June...the weather is cold (certainly today it is). Must be time to think about craft (well I do all year but anyway....) and yes the craft and quilt fair is coming to Darling Harbour next week. I do love the craft fair & seeing all the quilts on display.  I also love checking out the shops new and old.  The fabrics above come from Amitie and Patchwork on Central Park, favourite shops from Melbourne who both come to the show.

So I've booked my day off & I plan to be there on Wednesday- let me know if you'll be there too and we can say hello whilst gazing at fabrics!