Friday, August 27, 2010

August meets Books

August in our family always has 2 aspects.
1.  Sickness...I don't know what it is..end of winter & all that..overused immune systems etc etc. 
2. Book week parade
Hopefully the 2 do not coincide.  This year it was a close call.

Meet Harry Potter & Pippi Longstocking.

Not original ideas but fun!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beehive Update

...having dragged the chain on Andi's July blocks,  I did double duty today & made Andi's and Sheridan's!

First up Andi's
She has decided to use her plentiful & beautiful scraps to made a string quilt.  It will be stunning!  Used this tutorial by Film in the Fridge.  I found the most difficult part was to make the green strips sit exactly in the middle of the square- I suspect they don't.

Sheridan's quilt blocks were somewhat more straightforward to sew.  Still a pleasure to sew these beautiful fabrics- looking forward to see all 64 blocks in the king size quilt.

So up to date now!!
I can go back to knitting with a clear conscience....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knitting fever

Had a bit of a knitting time lately.
Here are my finished projects- haven't yet perfected the art of taking photos of myself so excuse the poor photography.
Scroll lace scarf- details here

denim pinafore details here
I need to wash this so it can be used 60 degrees...washing in hot water is not something I do.  Have to bite the bullet- hope it doesn't shrink too much!

a quick knit for a friend ...she did give me the mohair to knit up a while glad it's finally been tackled!

detail of the mohair pattern

Now I'd better to get sewing.  Bit behind in the Beehive.