Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet Japanese Treats

Gift To Suzuko Progress, originally uploaded by badskirt - amy.

Can you work out what the above says?!
It may be evident that I am partial to a bit of Japanese fabric...not necessarily the traditional Japanese fabric...but the quaint, eclectic Japanese designer fabric.
When Ayumi of Pink Penguin decided to create a gift for Suzuko to present to her whilst she is in Japan, I was in like Flynn. I have developed a love of her fabric over the past year or more & thanks to some friends and some late night Etsy searching have a nice (little) stash.  There are about 18 people from maybe 8 countries contributing to this gift.  Wow!  Suzuko designs some great fabric that deserves much appreciation. 

The idea was that each person contributing did a different letter.  Mine was a U.  Can you tell?!

The back is made of the fantastic button card fabric with a little patch from some Kokka fabric.

BTW it says we heart suzuko koseki

Another treat of very recent times is the opening of baby Calico & Ivy in Balmain.  It is a beautiful shop with lots of beautiful creative things including some delicious Japanese fabric.  I went for a look the other day with Amy badskirt  (I'm thinking her skirts must be pretty good these days though!!)

Of course a little bit came home with me!
It is a beautiful place & certainly worth the visit for inspiration alone- but I dare you not to leave without something.  It has yarn as well.  Mmm yes...

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  1. Hmmm I'm intrigued, will have to stop over at Balmain and have a sneak peak!