Sunday, January 16, 2011

Auction for the Queensland Flood Relief- number 1

I was wondering what I could auction to help raise funds- no way i was going to finish any of my projects in time- but then I thought what about a bit of rare & sought after fabric- maybe somebody might want that.  So I got to work cutting out squares of Flea Market Fancy & some Japanese fabric including the Sevenberry florals that coordinate so well with the FMF.

Auction 1 is 28 squares of fabric as pictured below.  They are 6.5 inches square. 
Happy to post anywhere.  As in the other Make it Perfect auctions please leave a bid in the comments for this post.  The highest bidder at closing will then pay the Queensland Flood Relief fund directly & let me know the receipt number.


Next auction coming up- it's pretty similiar!


  1. I would like to start the bid at $10, but I'm certain I'll be well outbid soon enough!

  2. I'll bid $40

  3. I dare not outbid Sheridan, but how gorgeous are these? FMF = Yum!
    Great donation Belinda.

  4. $95 for me . Greetings from france

  5. I'd like to round out the bid to $100. Fantastic fabric, brilliant cause. THanks heaps.

  6. Goodness! What generosity!! Thanks everyone for your bids.