Friday, April 2, 2010

Shopping because of an Easter Bun

Well I was picking up bread at my local favourite haunt.  Yes they know me by name.  Anyway whilst waiting for the delivery of hot cross buns (very good) the 3 yo was getting itchy feet, babycino finished & handbag patchwork completed,  I remembered the tip from a friend that another local favourite was moving and everything was half price.  Now I really do not need more fabric but can't resist a bargain & did think there was probably something there that would be useful. 
Yes lots of Fqs for 2.50 & a bit of vlisofix etc.
Just Remnants Marrickville is moving next to the Fabric Remnant Warehouse at Alexandria.  Its worth a look if you are in the area before April 7th.

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  1. Very lovely FQ's and just think of it as saving money. In case you didn't know or need an excuse to support another local - Jack Textiles has moved and is now on Illawarra Road. KT