Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth hour and other quandaries

As March is drawing to a close, I thought I should pop in.  I've been working on a sweet quilt kit from Amitie lately.  It is called Ginas Nina.  I think it was the start of my attachment to the kei honeycomb fabric.  I bought it last year at Stitches & Craft.  It supposedly is for my 3 yo...
altho who knows?!  Anyway here are some of the little nine patches in progress.

Did you know it was Earth Hour tonight?  Obviously I've been on another planet coz I was in the dark about it.......luckily R read about it in the paper hence the candle!  Where was the publicity this year? Not a media event this year.


  1. I went to the zoo for earth hour - but you are right - there didn't seem to be much coverage...

  2. Ahh..Jodie I should have been reading your blog & I would have known! Glad Earth Hour had a higher profile in Melbourne & Ballarat!
    Altho they did turn the lights off on the harbour bridge.