Saturday, February 16, 2013

Melbourne shops

When on a visit to Melbourne I do enjoy going to several shops...if I can manage it.
My favourite quilting one is Amitie as is somewhat obvious on this blog.
I came across a couple of  special ones last year at Easter in the middle of town up  some lots of stairs (altho I think there might be a lift too).
I happened on l'uccello.  Lots of beautiful things.
It was just next to Buttonmania (lots of buttons!)

The Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street
2nd Floor
Melbourne 3000

I'm really not sure why these popped into my head tonight.  I spent a fair bit of time today at the destash market at Marrickville Townhall .  Destashing was the name of the game last year but this year I did a bit of restashing (like I need to!!)...and catching up with my world of craft friends. 

It was a lovely market & a good excuse to let the rest of the fam look after themselves for a while. picture but maybe later......
Here we go photo as promised!  Treasure from the destash!

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  1. Lovely to hear from you, Belinda, thank you
    Great to have the address for l'uccello and buttonmania - will definitely visit soon!

    Barbara x