Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I like to knit...na..na..na..naa...

Old photo that appeared

Anyway I was going to say it is quite satisfying to have finished knitting  two (yes 2) garments this year, one for me & one for my littlest girl (who is no longer a baby like above!)

This is my 'that time' by Veera Valimaki...which I have dubbed 'now is the time'. It's really hard to get your kids to take a decent photo of their mum.

The second is another patten by Veera called 'gathering stripes' which is in this version 'gathering rainbows'.  All knitting details on ravelry.

Stay tuned for the photos of this one.  For some reason this blog doesn't like my flickr links.
It only likes to do one at a time.

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