Thursday, December 1, 2011

Space to sew

Sometimes one has to get away with the alpacas to actually find some time to sew!


  1. Oh these hexagons are so pretty ...

  2. Is that cute Casper? What a sweetie. I hear you managed to squeeze in a little sewing time at the local wine bar on Sunday eve too ...! Kx

  3. Hey B, Sorry I havent been in touch - I wanted to give you some space and I'm getting updates from Karen. BUT I saw this today on the Tempe facebook page and wonder if you'd be up for it! Imagine getting a beautiful new kitchen !!!

    Hi Tempsters, the IKEA team is looking for a family home that would like to be involved in a makeover. The focus is on how clever storage can transform a home and improve people's every day lives, so we are looking for places that are fairly messy and dishevelled, in fact, the more chaotic the better! We definitely want a home with kids so we can show how this area can be improved. The family needs to be willing to appear on TV, but in return they will get a great makeover and loads of fantastic IKEA products. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more,the should email me ASAP at