Saturday, February 26, 2011


When I look back at this blog there is a hint or 2 (or more) of unfinished projects, too much fabric & plenty of yarn.  Yes it's true.  Storage issues?  Of course.  I recently moved my sewing machine into a corner of my bedroom.  My design wall thing is folded up in a washing basket since my eldest daughter took over the 3rd bedroom.   Feeling a tad disorganised I am!!

But Fridays are a time for simple pleasures...

buttons from the local market

yummy sourdough from a local bakery

some progress on the tiny tea that indeed it will be finished for the cold weather

some balls of yarn for only 75 cents each- perfect for upcoming May Fair projects

If only life was always so simple!! 

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  1. The new tiny tea leaves is looking so beautiful ... and I love your photo of wool on a quilt!