Monday, October 18, 2010

A Woeful Tale

Sometimes one does stupid thoughtless things.  Unfortunately last Friday arvo I did.

I was handwashing some woollen stuff & being lazy thought I would pop them into the washing machine for a rinse & a spin.  At the last minute I added Bronte's stunning pear tree cardi (since she had worn it pretty much the whole holiday!)

Alas you can imagine the rest.  Clutching at straws, I googled unfelting & came up with something about boiling & vinegar.  It doesn't work....

Perhaps I should have tried the fabric softener or hair conditioner...  
Moral of the story- never let another handknitted anything near a front loader machine!

Has anyone else a tragic tale of brain failure & wool shrinkage?  It is heartbreaking - all that time, expense & effort...gone in a spin!
At least I can knit another- actually Bronte has ordered 2 more...which I guess is wise...


  1. Oh no, all that work! Time for a felted bag. Or is it small enough for willa now ?!

  2. Oh dear, am sending waves of sympathy through cyberspace to you and Bronte (although must say her expression in the photo is priceless!)
    I once did this to a favorite red cardigan ...

    We will all give you heaps of support and encouragement as you re-knit. Isn't Pear Tree yarn wonderful?

  3. Actually, if you have not already unknitted it to make something else, I find it pretty the way it looks now, but it should be worn by a child to whom it fits, of course! It has a "boiled wool" look. At least, some younger kid could wear it!

    This being said, we all did something like this, someday, wanting to spare ourselves some work and adding more in the process...

    S.B., Québec, Canada