Saturday, May 29, 2010

March Beehive block in May

March block in May, originally uploaded by beeware70.
I had a real block about doing this block. Ho ho. I'm not sure why- the fabrics were a bit delayed in the post but they arrived some time ago & they are beautiful. I think I thought that it would take longer than it did to do this block! And would involve lots of packing up & unpacking etc etc to fit it into my sewing time!
Anyway cut a long story short (& let my impatient 10 yo take over this machine!) it was a joy & only took me one sewing sitting!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogger's quilt festival

I love the idea of this...checking out a wide variety of lovely quilts on the I thought it would be good to join the fun :)

This quilt evolved out of new found love of vintage chenille when I was pregnant with my third child in 2006.  I had a strong inkling that it was a girl.  I sewed the chenille squares (from Jodie of vintage ric rac) to some remnant English children's print that was in my cupboard.  There it sat...eventually it was finished ?early 2008 when some perfect Prints Charming backing was found at Fabric Remnant Warehouse.  My mum quilted it and it now lives happily with my nearly 4 year old

It is a bright sight on a dull rainy day!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sewing Delights of Melbourne

It was positively wonderful to attend Sew it Together last weekend in Melbourne.  Sheridan did a stupendously tremendous job of organising this event and she deserves many thanks (very likely) & a big rest (maybe not so likely after seeing the photo of her mostly sweet one year old!).
Being a not very good blogger my photos are few & far between.  Just this...Jodie's toys above and the blocks I finished for Tanya.  Tanya is one of the Beehive quilters and it was lovely to meet her IRL!

More talking than sewing I think!! Here is the other block I did for her (not at SIT!)

If you would like to see more photos of SIT check out retromummy's blog (see sidebar for link)  Scroll back a bit cos she blogs a lot more than me!  If you look hard you will see me balancing too many bolts of fabric at Amitie..eek.

Melbourne was a lovely place & a great weekend.  A highlight was the drinks at Nikki's studio-big thanks to Nikki for that.  She has lots of great photos in her blog too.

I did get to enjoy some other great spots in Melbourne too including the Skirt & Shirt Markets, a fairtrade market at Victoria Markets, and last but never least a very comfortable part of West Brunswick (!).

Stay tuned for Sew it Together 2011

Friday, May 7, 2010 a blur!

It's been more than a month since my last post.  (Goodness this is sounding like a confession!)  Time flies and all that.
My excuses:
1. School holidays- always a little relaxing and a bit busy at the same time.  Very pleasant to absorb the  change in routine at these times I think.  It was during this time that I received the cutest treat in my letterbox.

The sweetest little nametag for Sew it Together made by Two Cheese Please.  I love it.  (I hear a rumour she is at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft as we speak).  Speaking of SIT, it is rapidly approaching.  Yay!  How lucky am I- a long weekend in Melbourne without kids!!

2. Last minute trips to Canberra to check out some art and catch up with some old friends.
The kids room at this exhibition was a winner.  Fantastic- all 3 of my children really got a lot from this.

3. First double digit birthday of my oldest daughter.

Accompanying this was some special scary excitement.

I think these are about all my excuses although there was a bit of singing in a cave last weekend & a shocking case of inability to move after yoga (now resolved but wondering about tomorrow!!)

Various small amounts of stitching have been done but not much completed in any 'complete' way.  I did finish a circle square (finally) for the Beehive just yesterday and I will post a photo later....
Perhaps I had better go & count my number of ongoing projects...on reflection perhaps not...probably would lose count!

Happy Friday!
And this weekend is the Finders Keepers market in Sydney which I hope to go to tomorrow.  (I have to admit some jealousy about those going to the S&C in Melbourne but 2 weekends in a row would be really pushing my luck!)